Top 3 Card Games You Can Play Online

Online card games have emerged to be one of the best pastimes among people of different age groups. It is not only the sense of involvement the games create but also their positive effects that make gamers choose these over any other board game or fantasy sports. The card games when played online helps improve concentration, memory, and do wonders in enhancing other cognitive skills of individuals as well. Above all, these games fulfil your desire for social interaction even in times of social distancing caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gamers who are involved get an opportunity to participate in different tournaments and compete against the most challenging opponents. This is what lets them implement smart strategies to win the game. In short, your competitive skills also get boosted. Today, when the world has almost come to a standstill, it is important to make sure your mind keeps working, and playing card games is the best way to utilise the opportunity while letting yourself earn at the same time.

Top 3 Card Games You Can Play Online

Though platforms like MPL have come up with numerous board games and fantasy sports for gamers to enjoy, the most sought-after among all is the online card game. The top three card games, however, that you can play online are Rummy, Hearts, and Solitaire.

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With a user-friendly interface, online platforms offer a great opportunity for gamers to enjoy rummy online either solo or in a group. The virtual version ensures high security and hence individuals need not worry while involving in the fun that these games offer. The interactive sessions make the gaming experience enjoyable and you feel the realness even when you are not in direct contact with the participating members.

There are two piles of cards arranged on the table – one is a closed deck where gamers would not be able to see the cards they pick while the other is open and it consists of those cards that the players discard. The one who successfully declares valid sequences and sets is the winner.

The reputed websites you associate with will provide you complete guidelines on how to play rummy. Following the tips listed by the online platforms will let you play in a proper way and pave your path towards victory. Millions of people join as players and they are well-equipped with all the traits required to win the game. As a result, you get a chance to compete with the most efficient players and learn new tricks from them too. This exchange of knowledge and skills make you a better player every day.

Given the way rummy helps in the cognitive growth of an individual, Indian Fantasy, a reputed online fantasy sports news portal included this card game among the list of top 5 Indian card games to earn money playing games online. It is a game that can be played in different ways and in which you can apply your unique strategies to win. This is what makes competing against challenging opponents even more fun and exciting. Before you start, however, it is recommended to know the types of rummy games available for you to play and select the table as per your convenience accordingly.


Do you miss playing Hearts with the other three in the group? In that case, virtual platforms bring to you the best interface to connect with your friends and enjoy the game of Hearts one more time. If you think the experience would not be as significant as the real one, you should try it once to get rid of that misconception. The four players in the game are connected virtually with each of them playing individually, implementing their own strategies.

While most of the games are in favour of players who earn higher points, this card game declares a winner with the lowest score. When a hand ends, players count the hearts they have as well as the queen of spades they rest with. While one heart counts as one point, a queen of spades counts for 13 each. The aggregate total of the scores earned for each hand should be a multiple of 26. The game could be played to 50 or 100 points with the latter being the normal limit.

Before you start the game, it is recommended to go through the guidelines so that you know how to go about it. Once you know the tricks, you can apply your unique strategies to win the games.


One of the most famous card games played among individuals is Solitaire, which in its virtual version is equally popular. You have four types of piles, which include:

  • The Tableau: It consists of 7 piles, the first one having one card, the second one having 2 cards, the third one having 3 cards, and so on up to the seventh pile. In the game, only the top card is faced be it any pile.
  • The Stock: After the Tableau is built, the remaining cards comprise The Stock.
  • The Talon: It consists of a pile of 3 cards gathered from the Stock. The top card is faced up in the Talon.
  • The Foundations: Four stacks of cards arranged in ascending order constitute The Foundations. This built remains empty at the time the game begins.

The first step is to arrange the face-up cards within the Tableau in descending order i.e., King to Ace and in alternating colour. The gamer might transfer the face-up cards to any existing pile to arrange them in a sequence i.e., descending order or in alternating colours. For the empty slot, players can use a king. In case, the players are unable to move any card within the Tableau, they are allowed to select three cards from the top one of the Stock piles and form the Talon. If you find that the first card in the Talon can’t be played, select the three cards from the Stock. In case you find the Stock has no card, reshuffle the Talon to form new Stock and continue the process.

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