Top 10 Podcasts from America that You Can’t Miss


Imagine you are listening to a person who makes you feel fantastic and keeps telling you a story with an intensity to picture the entire story in your imagination. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Isn’t this what you do while reading a book? You read every sentence from a novel and visualize the whole script.

Now if you could feel the essence of this, let us introduce you to the world of sounds called Podcasts. It is one of the most popular ways by which you can identify a story without looking at a screen or reading a book. Every podcast has a series of stories that connect with each other to make it a series. These podcasts are popular in America, and people listen to their favorite stories while they commute or at work. Here are the Top 10 American podcasts that you can’t miss. Two of the famous podcasts that you should listen to are Michael Savage podcast and Dan Le Batard podcast!

The Last Podcast on the Left

Americans have always produced something great, something new just like the Michael Savage and Dan Le Batard podcasts. The Last Podcast on the Left was titled the best American podcast of 2019 by Spotify. The podcast was shared and developed by The Last Podcast Network. The stories in this podcast cover a lot of horror stories that can be imagined and synced with reality. Some of them are so scary that it is believed to scare you while hearing it alone in a dark room.

My Favourite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Having moved from third to the second position, My Favourite Murder was released by Exactly Right. In this podcast, two detective friends tell a story to each other. A story which is a real crime scene from their past. They are then accompanied by their friends who tell their stories as well. This podcast is one of the best because you are going to understand the ways by which these two friends solve their cases.

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal

As the name suggests, it is a podcast that is narrated by two friends about the friendship of three friends: Joe Budden, Rory and Mal. If you have enjoyed Michael Savage podcast, this friendship podcast will surely make you happy and who knows you will be able to relate it with your friends.

The Daily

The Daily is named as a revolutionary podcast that was released by The New York Times’ Are you sure that this is how you want to get news updates? If yes, then get this podcast on your mobile and plug into it when you commute. Stay updated with spending not much time.

All Songs Considered

Aired by NPR, All Songs Considered is a friendly music show hosted by Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton. All top songs and comedy conversation with the top artists and emerging stars are included in this podcast. You will enjoy this in the middle of your hectic work.

The Shrink Next Door

Network and artists of The Shrink Next Door are Wondery and Bloomberg. It is a revolutionary documentary that has ten episodes and is written by a journalist of Hamptons. Check out all episodes of this podcast and enjoy it while you commute to the office and back home.

Crime Junkie

Do you have a thing for crime scenes? And do you love watching or reading detective shows/ books? If yes, then Crime Junkie is going to be an entertaining podcast for you. Check it out and enjoy murder cases, missing cases, and much more.

The Joe Rogan Experience

If you are a fan of Michael Savage podcast, then you should check out The Joe Rogan Experience Although the niche of both the podcast is not the same, you are going to like this comedy genre podcast. It is a comedy podcast that is spoken by Joe Rogan. This podcast shines differently because it is a funny autobiography of a person’s life. It’s Joe who develops the podcast. So, if you have a stressful day, make sure to hear this out.

This Land

The Dan Le Batard podcast is one of the best that’s available in the market, but if you love stories of detective and serial killers, then you should lend your eyes to This Land’ The podcast narrates the documentary of successive events of assassinations. The first assassination case was of a leader in Cherokee that’s dated back to 1839, and similarly, the next murder took place in a small town nearby in 1999. These two cases collide in the Supreme Court, and this case is going to decide the fate of the land in Oklahoma and a man’s life.

The Chernobyl Podcast

Produced and aired by HBO, The Chernobyl Podcast is all about the tragic event that happened in Pripyat, which is a small city in Ukraine. It is now a deserted city and the reason behind its isolation is in the podcast. This is a mini-podcast and the mini-series of this story is also produced and aired by HBO. It is a mini-series that is loved by many. Due to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the entire city was evacuated, and due to the high-radiation that still exists here, no one is allowed to trespass or live in this region. Enjoy the whole story on The Chernobyl Podcast. This has been one epic podcast after Michael Savage podcast and Dan Le Batard Podcast.


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