Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Release Date and Detailed Cast


Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Updates: Too Hot to Handle is the famous British reality television dating show produced by Fremantle production companies Talkback and Thames. The film is created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett.  The show comprised eight episodes in the first session which was released on April 17, 2020.

The shows consist of 10 adults, who were primarily engaged in meaningless flings and unable to bear their long-lasting relationships.

In January 2022. Netflix returns with the most popular reality television series. It’s the third session renewed on 26 January 2022. The renewal of third session tools took place immediately after the second session ended, and contestants of season 2 came back with session 3 as the sign-up for the show at the time of the second session.

Cast too hot to handle series 3?

The too hot to handle continued with all 10 gorgeous singletons who joined the line-up after the end of session two. The cast includes contestants from all across the globe including the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. The dating cast is relieved, and they are going to take part in the upcoming series full of partying in paradise locations. 

The details of the casts are discussed below.

Too hot to handle contestants:


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
TV Insider

The blonde bombshell is a 24-year old lady who is an old legal secretary from kent. Who has been described as “cockney Elle Woods”. She always tries to catch the attention of guys in the whole show.


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
E! Online

As a South American model, she has been called Cape Town’s most notorious party animal. He is an international playboy. He maintains his relationship, especially for a short attention span. He is 24 years old and is a student of business management.


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
E! Online

The 22 years old lady is a personal trainer from Cheltenham who loves to live her life single and loves to play hockey. It is quite a competitive nature with both on and pitches. Especially for those circumstances when they are getting to select the man.


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
Daily Express

Patrick is famous for his guitar playing. He has a height of 6”5 inches and loves the most both outdoors as well as being fond of ladies. Patrick loves to spend their beautiful holidays with any beautiful girl visiting Hawaii. Patrick is related to girls of every country. Despite not maintaining their relationship for a longer time. 


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
Digital Spy

Holly studies at the University of Colorado the physiology subject. She is a 23-year-old dreamer and has a boyfriend from all over the world. She describes herself as a super-se*ual girl but often finds their relationship quite boring.


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
Daily Express

Harry comes from the small town of Middlesbrough. She is 29 years old, and works as a tree surgeon when he isn’t partying, looking for lots of ladies to charm. 


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
TV Insider

Is 26 years old student and midwife from Brisbane and Australia. She is well known as a serial Ghoster. As she gets bored easily and tries to move on from the relationship easily. It is rumored that Georgia loves bad boys while she says that her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber.


Too Hot to Handle Season 3
Digital Spy

Is well known as a basketball scholar. He is 23 years old and a student of the criminology branch from Texas. So, acting is wholly a new thing for him when he arrives for the first time at the stunning retreat.

All About Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Release 

The announcement of the third session comes ahead of time. The fans of this reality show look forward to returning on Netflix on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022. The first episode of session 3 was released on Netflix for the first time on January 19th, 2022. But, its new episodes arrive every day throughout the week. But, finally, the whole session 3 arrived on Netflix by January 26, 2022.

The plot of Too Hot to Handle Season 3

Too Hot to Handle Season 3

The whole brand new group of session 3 keeps their hands off each other in order to win 100,000 dollars of the grand prize, and they must keep their hands off of each other with no sexual contact during their time on the island. The whole session 3 is based on dating. with various twists gathering all single souls together brings to a beautiful island. So, are you ready to see the biggest part of their lives?

They are allowed to kiss one another and let alone anything else. But, are not related to having any sexual contact with each other. The virtual reality assistant named Lana keeps on tracking each individual’s activities throughout the session.

It is shown that all 10 adults are primarily engaged in meaningless flings but are unable to maintain their long-lasting relationship.  All are placed together in the house for four weeks and must go through various workshops. All are being forbidden from any kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification. The contests start with 100,000 grand prizes, which get reduced any time as a rule is broken.


It is also called be a ruling game where all romantic dramas are allowed apart from sexual contact. The show mainly gives you knowledge about emotional control. It also raised various questions in the audience’s mind.

Whether money is bigger than emission? No doubt according to this show money is bigger than intimate filling. But, many of the contestants broke the rule of the game because of their willingness of sexual contact and end up with very low cash prizes.

So, too hot to handle takes the idea of ITV’S love island and casts their own series in the name of two hot to handle. Each constant keeps their hands-off in order to get a cash prize of rupees 100, 000 dollars with no sexual contact during their time on the island.

So, if you haven’t seen its glimpse then you must watch this show fully. It is a very interesting romantic show. You will like it for sure. The series is full of intimate scenes, sexual and romantic seen. So, if you intended and wanted to entertain with fully new concepts then, this session 3 is ready for you. 


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