Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Couples Who Are Still Together?


Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Updates: There are a lot of reality shows that are based on coupling. People try to find their loved ones in these shows and they try to win it for themselves too.

Sometimes they try to have a series relation with the partners they have made in the show and sometimes it is just for the show, as the “friends for benefits” thing. Among many such reality shows in the world, there is Too Hot To Handle that has completed its Season 3. So let’s look at some couples of Season 3 whether they are still together!

There were many couples in Too Hot To Handle Season 3 whom we thought would last long at least for some years. But it seems that it isn’t so. We know that the finale of Too Hot To Handle Season 3 was on 26 January 2022.

It was Harry and Beaux who have won season three. They have git the prize money of $90,000. For the runner we have Nathan, and the third position was occupied by Georgia.

Beaux’s reaction was very genuine as Beaux was not believing that they won. Harry said that they wanted to win this. On the other hand, Nathan said that he was happy for Harey and Nathan even said that if he would have voted for someone then he would have voted for Harry and Beaux.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3: These are the couples who were formed in the show, so let’s see whether they are together or not:-

1) Patrick and Georgia

Too Hot Too Handle Season 3

As for Patrick and Georgia then they are not a couple anymore. Patrick happily called himself single. However, he said that he is close with her show partner Georgia. He said that he talks to Georgia frequently.

2) Holy and Nathan

Too Hot Too Handle Season 3
Holy and Nathan seems to be very close together in the show. Holy said that she loved to be Nathan. But when it comes to being officially together then they are not. They have decided to be an individual than to be together.

3) Izzy and Jackson

Too Hot Too Handle Season 3

This couple is more like friends with benefits. They both are no more a couple officially but it seems like they are enjoying each other at all benefits. They said that they often hang out and they even forward to hanging out more. They said that they sleep together and even try to set each other with another person. They are quite open about it.

4) Harry and Beaux

Too Hot Too Handle Season 3
Harry and Beaux are the winners, at least we expected them to be together but it is not so. They have officially quit and declared themselves as single. Harry said that they are talking to each other, have contact with each other and they do talk. On the other hand, beaux said that people don’t know what is going to happen.


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