Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants List with Photos


Netflix: Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants List with Photos: Netflix’s hit reality show “Too Hot To Handle” new season is returning. The is returning with new gorgeous faces. The show wants to end with $200,000 to split between themselves.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants List with Photos

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants List with Photos

Let us discuss the faces of the new single in the show.

1. Lzzy

  • Age: The beautiful hockey player is 22 years old.
  • Lzzy is from Manchester. she loves to play hockey and break men’s hearts. she is very determined to win the show. she is self-confident and has an act of great courage
  • Quote: “I am a player on and off the hockey pitch”.

2. Patrick

  • Age: The handsome is 29.
  • Patrick is coming from Honolulu. He is a singer, very handsome, romantic and with it, he is an instruments player too. Overall, he is a complete package along with his hair.
  • Quote: “If you’re a bee, and you’re just right, you’ll get the sweet honey”.

3. Beaux

  • Age: Beaux is 24 years.
  • She is a legal secretary and she is from London. Beaux prefer to be less fit but she has a great personality and no one will dare to try to change her.
  • Quote: “I’m not romantic at all. I’m happy with a date at KFC to be fair”.

4. Truth

  • Age: He is 23 years old.
  • Truth like to play basketball as well as the game of luster. He defines his name properly as “Truth”.
  • Quote: “Truth will always 99.9% tell the truth”.

5. Holly

  • Age: The beauty is 23 years old.
  • The psychological student is coming from Colorado. She loves shots and calling the shots in a relationship.
  • Quote: “They call me Hurricane Holly for a reason”.

6. Harry

  • Age: The Hung is 29 years.
  • He is a tree surgeon and he knows by a job title with”surgeon”. Harry is a Middlebroudh native.
  • Quote: “I have Kissed a lot of frogs to find a princess”.

7. Jaz

  • Age: currently Jaz is 25.
  • She is a fashion designer and a retired “army brat”. she is from the state of Virginia and says that bad boys just seem to flock to the good thing she loves them.
  • Quote: ” I am definitely a sucker for a bad boy”.

8. Georgia

  • Age: The girl is 26.
  • she is coming from Queensland, Australia. she is a trail of broken hearts and she is searching for her Justin Bieber.
  • Quote: “I flirt with anything and anyone – I love a little song”.

9. Stevan

  • Age: He is 25 years old.
  • The LA boy is a model and a DJ too. He finds good girls boring.
  • Quote: “I am definitely a wild one, I like to break all the rules”.

10. Nathan

  • Age: The guy is 24 years old.
  • He is a playboy, model, and business student too. He is from Cape Town in South Africa. He has many exes.
  • Quote: “I am an international playboy”.


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