Tom Cruise Desperate To Recover ‘Hush-Hush Scientology Communications’ After Theft?


Is Tom Cruise panicking over the security of some top-secret information about the Church of Scientology? Cruise’s car was recently stolen from the set of the latest Mission: Impossible film, and one tabloid claims it contained a “trove of Tom’s treasures.” We’ve looked into the rumor; here’s what we know.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Deepest Secrets At Risk’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports a certain car thief currently possesses some of Tom Cruise’s most prized possessions — and darkest secrets. After Cruise’s car was stolen from the set of the next Mission: Impossible film, the tabloid reports the actor was left reeling from the loss of his personal electronics containing top-secret personal files, text messages, documents, photos, emails, phone contacts, and other privileged information.

Although Cruise’s car was eventually recovered, his belongings have yet to be found. “This is Tom’s worst nightmare really, and it has the potential to get extremely messy if the thieves mine through Tom’s data and then leak it,” The tabloid was informed by an insider. “The word is that Tom may have had electronics filled with personal secrets about his world from business transactions and relationships to communications with Scientology bigwigs!”

The source then speculates about whether or not Tom Cruise’s belongings could shed light on fellow Scientologist Danny Masterson’s recent rape charges. “Tom has spent years cultivating his image and doing everything possible to keep himself looking squeaky clean,” The insider claims. “It’s very possible [David] Miscavige [the leader of the Church of Scientology] could have got him to weigh in on strategy when it comes to Masterson. If it were discussed on emails and the communication became compromised, Scientology would see that as a huge problem.”

Tom Cruise Fears Personal Information Could ‘Hit The Dark Web’?

We doubt Cruise is worried about his belongings being stolen. However, it’s not like anyone wants his life to be destroyed and his faith destroyed. Sources have told the Daily Mail that law enforcement is still looking into the matter, but Cruise is only missing some luggage and a script.

And unless this was a planned Mission: Impossible-style heist, we doubt Cruise secretly left anything that standard car thieves would be able to crack open for easy blackmail. Until any information comes to light proving otherwise, it’s safe to assume Cruise’s personal information isn’t at risk.

The Tabloid On Tom Cruise

The National Enquirer has been far from reliable in the past when it comes to Tom Cruise. Earlier this year, the tabloid reported that the next Mission: Impossible film was delayed for budget reasons. Then, the outlet alleged Cruise was being a “control freak” on set. The magazine also claimed that Cruise was no longer recognisable after undergoing a series of cosmetic procedures. Obviously, the Enquirer can’t be trusted when it comes to Cruise.


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