TLC’s Stuck Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Updates!


Hello, Readers! With its latest offering, medical-reality program Stuck Season 1, TLC continues to engage its audience with heartfelt and true-life stories from around the world.

Following the success of shows such as 1000-pound Sisters, Dr. Pimple Proper, and My Feet Are Killing Me, the channel has announced that it will air a limited series of medical cases in which strange items are taken from the human body.

TLC’s Stuck Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Updates!

TLC’s Stuck Season 1: Release Date

The medical reality show’s first season will premiere on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Patients with bugs buried deep within their ears, high heels through their faces, and an arrow through the wrist may expect to see terrible procedures.

TLC’s Stuck Season 1: Official Trailer

Patients with a false nail in their ear, a screw punctured through a finger, and many more bizarre situations were featured in a recent promo for the show.

What is this about?

Imagine a high heel through the cheek, a bug buried deep within an ear, and an arrow through the wrist in the new medical series Stuck. Cameras are allowed behind the surgical drape to witness some particularly bizarre medical conundrums and the extraordinary extent to which medical practitioners will go to solve them.

Viewers will see real-time foreign body extractions and removal operations, as well as interviews with patients, doctors, and medical personnel who will tell the astounding facts of how these incidents occurred. The series promises the strongest, most interesting, and downright incredible operations required to liberate things lodged inside people’s bodies, with no simple departure insight, from inside several different medical facilities across the country.

When asked about the show, President Howard Lee said:

“Our new immersive medical series Stuck promises a rush of anticipation as doctors try to pry out objects that have invaded patient’s bodies in places they should very clearly not be Stuck.”


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