TikTok teens use kitchen whisks to eliminate hickeys. But does it work?


TikTok teens use kitchen whisks to eliminate hickeys. But does it work?

There are several reported ways to get rid of hickeys quickly – applying cold compresses, peppermint oil, or a piece of pineapple directly onto the mark are fabled as just some of the ways you can ease the dark bruise. Another option is to wear a huge scarf in complete secrecy.

If you’re not bothered about faffing around with winter woolies, exotic fruits, or essential oils, there is another way…

Teenagers on TikTok have found a new way to get rid of love bites once and for all – kitchen whisks.

TikToker @mads.larocque first introduced the technique. The method involves rubbing a steel whisk against your neck for five mins.

People took to the comment section to thank her, with the top comment reading: “Girl I coulda used this a while ago thank you.”

Another person commented: “Whisk sales after this video” along with several emojis of the charts showing an upward trend.

A video from TikToker @sydthesciencekiid, trying out the hack includes a warning from TikTok reading:  “The actions in this video could result in serious injury or adverse health effects”.

Following a video posted by @thesecrethoebag that received 38.9 millions views, the trend has been revived.

To hide the concealer, she applied green concealer to it and then blended makeup over it.

Is it safe?

Dr Vicki Chan told BuzzFeed that since a hickey is just old blood under your skin, whisking it and “spreading the blood around” can make it seem less pronounced.

She said she thinks it’s fine to try this method, but dermatologist Dr. Beth Goldstein told Insider that she’d instead advise people to opt for “time and coverup makeup” so you don’t risk creating “more injury”.

Although Goldstein said she imagines it would be “exceedingly rare” for someone to damage the major blood vessels in the neck, especially if they are not applying too much pressure, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So there you have it, if you ever find a whisk lurking suspiciously in someone’s bedroom, this is probably why.

The kitchen whisk can be found in the same drawer with the wooden spoon that your mother might wave at you if she sees the love bites.

You can also apparently use whisks to shred chicken, but it’s probably best to use a non-electric whisk when it comes to trying out the hickey hack.


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