Tiger King Season 2: What will happen to Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe?


Tiger King season 2 is available on Netflix! if you want to know the explanation of the end of Tiger King Season 2, Read more! The long-awaited Tiger King season 2 has finally struck Netflix, and once again the directors have come up with an insane season starring Joe Exotic and his friends. The stakes are higher this time around, as the second edition focuses mainly on people who wanted to hurt Joe in the previous season. Joe has already said that he comes for everyone and wants them behind bars. Meanwhile, Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe take care of Joe’s old zoo. We tell you everything about the End of Tiger King on Netflix Season 2!

Tiger King season 2

Joe Exotic is getting out of jail?

Not currently, but the chances of Joe Exotic getting a new trial seem higher the end of Tiger King season 2. In the series finale, Jeff Lowe and Allen Glover, who was hired as a hit man by Joe Exotic, decided to team up with Joe Exotic’s attorney John Phillips. They offered to provide evidence that Joe would “help,” Lowe told Phillips that he had “withheld everything” from the investigation. As seen in the documentary, Lowe signs an affidavit retracting his statements about Joe’s involvement in the murder plot against Baskin.

At the end of Tiger King season 2, the documentary indicates that Joe Exotic is currently awaiting a new conviction as his lawyers work to get him released. Meanwhile, Lowe declined to comment on the allegations against him in Allen Glover’s affidavit. As for Joe Exotic’s private life, he reveals that he separated from his husband Dillon Passage and found a new boyfriend online while he was in prison.

What will happen to Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe??

Since season 1, the duo have told how Joe mistreated animals and wanted to kill Carole Baskin by hiring a hit man. In this season, he enjoyed his life until Baskin sued him and wanted the zoo. At first nothing happened. But after a few years, the court ruled in Carole’s favor and awarded the zoo to her. Jeff took his animals to his new zoo in Oklahoma.

But his life changes when Jeff’s close friend Allen Glover makes it clear to him that it is he who wants to kill Carole and makes him a pawn in this plot. Finally, Carole followed him back to his Oklahoma zoo and told how mistreated the animals had been.

So the authorities came and took all the animals away from them. As soon as they felt they had nothing left, Jeff and Lauren Lowe contacted Joe’s attorney, John. They told him that the FBI wanted to put Joe behind bars on a “hire assassination” plot. So they now see themselves as part of Team Joe.

What will happen to Tim Stark?

Tim Stark is more present in Tiger King season 2. The documentary series follows him as he takes over Joe Exotic’s GW Zoo with Jeff Lowe after Exotic is incarcerated. However, the two then fall out over the zoo’s restoration and Lowe chases him off the property.

After several former Wildlife in Need volunteers denounced living conditions at his zoo and Stark’s practices to decry his animals, the zoo was temporarily banned after PETA alleged it was violating the law on the endangered species. Last year, the Indiana State Superior Court accepted a motion to remove all animals from the Stark Zoo, after which police issued a warrant for Stark, who then fled. Finally, in October 2020, Stark was found and arrested in New York City.

What will become of Carole Baskin?

although Tiger King season 2 contains no new interviews with Carole Baskin, we learn at the end of Tiger King season 2 Baskin takes over the GW Zoo and decides to sell the property, but writes in the contract that the new owner cannot accommodate exotic animals.

Tiger King season 2 ending explained on Netflix

Based on all affidavits, tapes and evidence, John, Joe’s attorney, believes that the government was also involved in this case and wanted to put Joe behind bars without even having strong evidence of “recruitment for “murder”.

John revealed that the recording between James Garretson, Jeff and Lauren Lowe and a federal agent suggests that the federal agent simply wanted Joe behind bars for committing murder. The Tiger King season 2 ends with Jeff Lowe, Lauren Lowe, James Garretson, and Allen Glover joining Team Joe to get him out of jail.


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