Tia Mowry Revealed The Rudest Celebrity She’s Ever Met


Tia Mowry Revealed The Rudest Celebrity She's Ever Met

Being snubbed by your favorite actor is never fun, but that’s exactly what happened to Tia Mowry. In 2014, the former child actor told In Touch Weekly that she was snubbed by Charlize Theron during a SoulCycle class. “She wasn’t very nice to me,” she said to the outlet. “I said, ‘Hi,’ and she actually rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh my God.’ I wasn’t over-the-top. I know how to approach another celebrity. Charlize was just mean. I’m just being honest.”

Andy Cohen later decided to ask the “Mad Max: Fury Road” star if the claims were true when she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2017. “What a b**ch,” Theron joked about Mowry. “No, I heard this story — did she really say it? Was it just written?” Cohen then clarified that the story originated from a tabloid, to which Theron responded, “Oh, well, you can’t go by that, right? I’m really nice at SoulCycle, actually, because once my endorphins kick in … I’m actually almost too friendly.”

After seeing how big the story got, Mowry also cleared the air about her comments, telling E! News in 2017, “I don’t know Charlize…It was all blown out of proportion. I respect her. I think she’s amazing.”

While Mowry may have settled her feud with Theron, it wasn’t the last time she was caught in a dispute with a Hollywood starlet.


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