Throughout 2021, Celebrities Have Shown How To Wed In Style

Countless couples were forced to cancel their weddings in 2020, and, for many, this year hasn’t been any better. However, change is on the way; Yahoo Money believes that 2022 could be the biggest year for weddings – ever. It seems, with stability on the horizon, to-be-weds are finally making concrete plans, and many will be looking for added inspiration to make their long-delayed wedding days that bit more magical. One group that have been able to press forward with their weddings are celebrities. Indeed, 2021 has given them the opportunity to flash their wedding plans in style, and a few couples have really shown what it means to have the big day in style.
Throughout 2021, Celebrities Have Shown How To Wed In Style

Cage and Shibata

It’s unsurprising that Nicolas Cage would choose Vegas as a backdrop. Whether the Little White Wedding Chapel or one of the huge casinos, Vegas offers a certain cultural pull that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Plus, honeymoons can begin right after the ceremony has finished. Nicolas Cage is known for his big and bold movie roles, and his wedding at the Wynn Hotel. Despite the huge and glamorous backdrop, the service itself was reportedly small and intimate, and important due to the fact it was held on Cage’s father’s birthday, according to Hello! magazine.
What does this tell engaged couples? You can certainly have a grand and beautiful backdrop – one to truly remember – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the intimacy and quiet beauty of a small wedding. It’s entirely possible to think big while still keeping hold of the small details.

Keeping it at home

There have been few marriages as high profile as Ariana Grande’s. The singer is arguably the queen of pop right now, and anything that goes on with her is big news. What wasn’t quite as huge was her wedding. As Page Six magazine highlights, Ariana tied the knot at her mansion in California. The inspiration this provides is quite simple – it’s absolutely possible, and maybe even best, to get married in the comfort of home. Less than twenty attended the wedding, setting a good example when it comes to avoiding the risks of huge weddings in the post-COVID era, and it’s an all-round good vibe. Weddings can be small, and intimate, and even held at home – that’s the prerogative of the couple to be wedded.

Paris Hilton’s extravaganza

On the flip-side is the likes of Paris Hilton. According to US Magazine, an entire docuseries has been filmed over her wedding, from the big day to the celebrations afterwards – and everything in between. Of interest is the fact that Paris Hilton didn’t keep the affair small. Instead, her marriage to Carter Reum was a huge blowout affair, with over 75 guests from her side alone, a classic white wedding dress, and several after-events – including a neon pink pier party. Clearly, the big wedding is still on. It’s OK to be ostentatious and wild on your wedding day as, after all, it’s a day all about you and your loved one.
Celebrities love to show off their weddings. It’s a way for them to build their brand, market themselves, but, more often than not, simply to show everyone what they’ve got going on and provide a little inspiration to people who might look for their own ideas for the big day. There is no one single trend. Small and intimate weddings have been popular due to the pressures of organizing big day, but as Paris Hilton has shown, it’s absolutely fine to be big and bold, too.

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