This Tory Lanez Tweet Has Megan Thee Stallion Fans Talking


This Tory Lanez Tweet Has Megan Thee Stallion Fans Talking

Tory Lanez ominously tweeted, “It’s been real,” on September 21, which had many Megan Thee Stallion fans speculating the reason behind his unprompted social media departure. Along with the tweet, Lanez archived his Instagram posts and unfollowed everyone. Many people are celebrating the “Playboy” rapper’s sketchy tweet, like one Twitter user, who said, “Guess who’s going to jail tonight” in the comments of his tweet. Another person tweeted, “Tory lanez having to go to jail over violating his restraining order after being all big and tough with the other midget is the funniest sh*t to happen in 2021. little men always think they’re above the law.” 

Per Page Six, Lanez violated his restraining order in July when he performed at a music festival the same night Megan Thee Stallion performed. Although not in the line-up, Lanez made a surprise appearance during DaBaby’s performance at the festival. Megan Thee Stallion placed this restraining order on Lanez in October 2020 after he “was charged with one felony count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm — personal use of a firearm — and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle,” per Billboard. He was also denied the ability to comment on the shooting, but from looking at his Twitter account, he does not seem to be taking that too seriously. 

It is only speculation. Only time will tell Lanez’s fate in this case.


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