This Is How Kamala Harris Really Feels About The COVID-19 Vaccine


This Is How Kamala Harris Really Feels About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Although Vice President Kamala Harris only had 10 minutes to speak on the September 24 episode of “The View,” she made them count. Joy Behar, Joy’s co-host, quickly asked Harris about the COVID-19 vaccine. Joy also wanted to know where America stands with regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

Harris remained unflappable: “I mean, look here’s how I feel about it,” she began. “People gotta be responsible, you know, I’ve been watching with heartache the videos of people who are in an ICU bed who did not get vaccinated pleading with their family members, ‘Please get vaccinated.’ You know, when I think of it in the context of any one of us who have had the awful experience of holding the hand of a loved one who is in an ICU bed or is near death, don’t put your families through that. The vaccine is free, it is safe, and it will save your life. So folks just need to get vaccinated.”

After the show, Twitter was abuzz with mixed reactions. One fan was not pleased with the condensed interview as they wrote, “Why the HELL did you not just reschedule @VP less then 15 minutes is not an interview @TheView @WhoopiGoldberg @JoyVBehar @sarahaines @sunny @ananavarro #TheView S**t happens so reschedule.” Another praised how Joy Behar stepped in, writing, “#TheView was so incredibly chaotic this morning, but Joy really held it down! Wow!” It seems like this episode of “The View” will go down in history.


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