This Botched Emmys Tweet Likely Landed The NYT Social Lead In Hot Water


This Botched Emmys Tweet Likely Landed The NYT Social Lead In Hot Water

Julianne Nicholson won the 2021 Emmy statuette for “Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie” for “Mare of Easttown,” but The New York Times unintentionally had you believe otherwise in a since-deleted tweet, initially giving the win to “WandaVision”‘s Kathryn Hahn. The outlet came clean in a follow-up tweet, writing, “Correction: An earlier tweet misstated that Kathryn Hahn had won the award. She did not. We’ve deleted the incorrect tweet.” 

Though it is unclear what caused the outlet to tweet the initial error, it seems like a harmless enough mistake, right? Some Twitter users disagree. As one tweeted (translated from French), the erroneous tweet was an indictment of the NYT’s larger reporting habits. “It does not matter. You sometimes speak proven or erroneous nonsense, false objective information or subjective ideological & political positions which delight some or revolt others,” The tweeter wrote. Oof. “Why start now?” another snarky Twitter reply read

Others in the Twittersphere did take a more humorous approach, with one referencing the infamous Miss Universe 2019 pageant snafu, “What in the Steve Harvey is this?” while another linked it back to Hahn’s equally well-known theme song off “WandaVision,” tweeting, “It was Julianne Nicholson all along.” 


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