ThiruttuMovies Website 2022 – Tamil HD Movies Download, Dubbed Online

ThiruttuMovies: If you are fond of watching Tamil movies, you can surely visit this page for free downloading videos. The site is stacked with all recent Tamil films. Along with recent Tamil releases, the site also offers Tamil dubbed movies.

All Tamil movies enlisted on the website are HD format and can be downloaded for free. The ThiruttuMovies site offers all types of Tamil films for the download process. Movies are downloaded from this website for free. No extra effort is needed. ThiruttuMovies 2021 is all stacked with the latest cinemas of Tamil releases.


History of ThiruttuMovies site 

At initial times, the ThiruttuMovies only uploaded Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies. But later on, when the site’s popularity aroused, it started uploading all types of films of various categories. As a result, the area witnessed a large population of traffic, according to a recent report. The site has all new releases available for the downloading process. The user can choose their desired movies from the categories and download them accordingly. 

How does it work? 

The ThiruttuMovies is a torrent website that features all its contents in pirated form. A bunch of people from undisclosed locations in the country operate the site. These websites promote ads to make profits.

A large amount of traffic is directed to this website due to its free downloading feature. There are several categories of movies featured on the site, from which the user can select their desired video for download. In addition, several formats of movies are available on this site, such as 360p, 720p, 1080p, etc., from which users can choose one suitable arrangement for downloading. 

Is it safe to access the ThiruttuMovies site? 

Downloading movies from ThiruttuMovies is not considered as safe as they are banned in the country due to violations of the anti-piracy law of the Indian government. According to anti-piracy requirements, websites that feature copyrighted content of movies and shows are banned.

But these sites operate brazenly on the web despite the improvement of the law. As per anti-piracy laws, the ThiruttuMovies website is forbidden to prevent piracy of movies and shows content. According to anti-piracy law, downloading from these websites is legal and unsafe for any purpose. 

Is it legal to use the ThiruttuMovies site?

No, the ThiruttuMovies website is not legal at all. Despite the ban, these kinds of sites are being operated brazenly on the web. Anyone caught downloading movies and shows from this website is held for the crime by the government.

Downloading movies and shows on the ThiruttuMovies site can severely lead the user to some adverse conditions. People who are visiting these types of websites for free downloading are unknowingly supporting the business of these websites. So people should distance themselves from these types of websites. 

Alternatives to the ThiruttuMovies site 

Specialties of ThiruttuMovies site 

The ThiruttuMovies site has various features and specialties, making it unique from other websites in this category. 

The specialties or features of ThiruttuMovies are as follows: 

  • ThiruttuMovies site uploads all the latest movies and shows in HD format. They are exclusive to this website. 
  • All movies and shows new to the public are showcased on this site for free downloading. 
  • The formats of movies and shows are defined with more options like 720p or low quality. Therefore, the users can choose from the design of films and plays for downloading. 
  • All types of movies are uploaded to ThiruttuMovies sites in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages.


We, as the respected firm of this country, do not support these websites at all. We respect the Indian constitution and appeal to our readers not to use such websites for movie downloads or shows.

The above-written content is just written to create awareness among the people of this country. Therefore, people should not use such sites as they may get into trouble with legal issues. ThiruttuMovies site is one such site that should be avoided for any purpose. 

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