‘Thimmarusu’ and ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story’ OTT Release Date Confirmed!

Following the light relaxations being implemented by the Telugu Government, movie theaters within the state are functioning with certain covid-prevention measures. As a result, many producers rush to release their movies in theaters which were put to a temporary rest due to the second wave of Covid-19 in India.

'Thimmarusu' and 'Ishq: Not A Love Story' OTT Release Date Confirmed!

In the long list of Telugu movies making their theatrical debut, Satyadev’s ‘Thimmarusu’ and Teja’s ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story’ have a unique distinction about themselves as they share a few things in common. Not only were the two movies released in theaters on July 30, but they also have been confirmed to feature in OTT platforms as well.

Here’s everything we know about the OTT release of Telugu movies, ‘Thimmarusu’ and ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story.

‘Thimmarasu’ OTT Streaming Platform:

Inspired from a Kannada film, ‘Thimmarasu’ is a Telugu crime thriller movie starring Satyadev Kancharana as a lawyer who fights against forces of injustice. After making a decent debut in theaters, ‘Thimmarasu’ has finally confirmed their OTT partner as an agreement was struck to finalize Netflix as the official streaming platform.

'Thimmarusu' and 'Ishq: Not A Love Story' OTT Release Date Confirmed!

So fans who wish to stay away from cinemas for a while can watch ‘Thimmarasu’ online on Netflix. The official release date is yet to confirm as they are currently in the final stage of the agreement.

‘Ishq: Not A Love Story’ OTT Streaming Platform:

Sharing a similar trend with ‘Thimmarasu,’ ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story’ Telugu romance thriller movie based on a Malayalam movie of the same name. A recent report revealed that talks are in place to confirm that ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story will be released on Sun Nxt platforms.

'Thimmarusu' and 'Ishq: Not A Love Story' OTT Release Date Confirmed!

As it’s too early to confirm anything, ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story’ also suffers from a similar fate that its official release date is yet to be announced. But at least fans get the good news that two exciting Telugu movies will release on OTT platforms.