Theuns Du Toit Leaked Viral Video Trending On Twitter and Reddit


Hello, all the peers, so, as we all know that the world has all kinds of people with different mindsets including negative and positive. All kinds of people look at the world with their own mindset. The person with a negative mindset only notice demerits and lacks in its surrounding. Whereas the one with a positive mindset experienced blessings in disguise. There are numerous kinds of personalities in the world but it is our mindset and surroundings that play a prominent role in developing our personality. Get more information on Theuns Du Toit’s viral video on Twitter and Reddit.


As per the reports, the video initially posted on Twitter gradually went viral all over the Internet including on vital social networking sites. The viral video is strolling over the Internet shocking the people who have watched it so far. The number of viewers of the video is increasing with each passing second. Due to the hated content of the video it is facing much criticism over the Internet. The video is showing the hatred content as it is promoting racial discrimination.

As far as video gets concerned, it is featuring a black student using racial slur against some black students. He was misbehaving with the black students. Even after living in such a society where we taught to live equally. There isn’t any kind of superior or lower all the people are one. But still some people from white ethnicity considered themselves superior. However, the case come to the attention of the law enforcement because of this widely sharing. The police officer is reading at white Stellenbosch student. He not only used racial slur but even urinated on the laptops of black students.

The student who committed this misdeed is identified as Theuns Du Toit, however it is still not clear wether the student is Dutch or origins to French. As of now, the person is facing much criticism on the Internet and consumers are slamming him for his actions.

The consumers are demanding for strict punishment for Theuns Du Toit and it should be more than suspension. The disgusting video is still circulating on the Internet and cybrians are questioning school authority. Any keen readers can check the video surfacing on Twitter.


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