There Was One Partner Derek Hough Didn’t Get Along With On DWTS


There Was One Partner Derek Hough Didn't Get Along With On DWTS

At age 50, “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey was one of the oldest female competitors on season 11 of “Dancing with the Stars.” (Okay, “Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson was also a contestant that season, and she was in her mid-70s at the time).

Grey and Derek Hough seemed to be a good pairing on live shows. But behind the scenes, there was some fireworks. Grey was seen in one intro package storming out of the rehearsal space after Hough had argued with him about choreography and his communication style. “I rarely, rarely, rarely lose my temper or anything like that,” Hough said at the time, per People. “I’ve seen this one lose hers before — scary!”

However, Grey maintained that the stressful, filmed rehearsals made her feel like the two were “caged animals.” The “Dirty Dancing” star also said she was “sensitive” and chalked off her tiff with her pro partner as “not a big deal.” It was the one time viewers saw even Hough kind of lose his cool, but the two did eventually get it together enough to score him another mirrorball trophy to add to his collection.


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