The Worst Witch Season 5: Release Date, Plot Expectations and Cast

Harry Potter indeed paved the way for the genre of wizards and witches in an utterly mind-blowing fantasy-driven dimension. A genre that first catered to the children but has now been explored and developed, and watched by a more comprehensive audience range.

The Worst Witch has been adapted from a 1974 novel, which talks about the witches in an alternate dimension. This novel has been adapted multiple times.

The Worst Witch Season 5- Release Date

Since the series debuted in 2017, it got a tremendous response, with people completely drawn into it. Since the conclusion of the fourth season, the fans have been recklessly questioning the fifth season. The fifth season is also anticipated to be the final season of The Worst Witch.


Either CBBC or Netflix has not confirmed the fifth season. The uncertainty owes much of its reasons to the COVID pandemic, distorting the shootings and makings. Considering the history of The Worst Witch, it was very much expected that there’s going to be a January release this year too. But sadly, no, this hasn’t been the case.

The Worst Witch Season 5 Plot Expectations

The plot of the Worst Witch is premised around an academy called Cackle’s Academy and the little toddler girls studying there. It is a school of witchcraft and magic, like Hogwarts in Harry potter. The fourth season marked the fourth year of the girls looking there, the second last year.

The fifth year is the graduation year, so much can be expected from the plot. The fans have already started speculating that the fifth year and the fifth and the final season of the series might answer all the unanswered mysteries. The young babies are trying to find their purpose and place in the world as they become teenagers.

The Worst Witch Season 5 Cast 

the cast shall comprise Bella Ramsay, Lydia Page, Clare Higgins, Raquel Cassidy, Meigh Campbell, Megan Hughes, Tamara Smart, and Jenny Richardson.