The Words These Stars Said That Made These Other Celebs Cry


The Words These Stars Said That Made These Other Celebs Cry

Zac Efron does it all. He acts, dances, and sings, so it makes sense that one of his biggest inspirations would be Michael Jackson. And though they never met, Efron says they once shared a memorable phone call.

It all happened when Efron was traveling with Kenny Ortega, the man who not only directed the “High School Musical” movies but also served as director and choreographer on a number of Michael Jackson projects. As Efron recalled on “The Graham Norton Show,” Jackson happened to call Ortega one day. And Ortega happened to hand the phone over to Efron. 

At first, Efron wasn’t sure what to say, and he told Jackson, “I’m Zac Efron, I’m a massive fan, I’m an actor, and you’re, like… my hero.” Jackson was polite but brief and soon hung up. Then, the phone rang again. This time, Michael was the one who said, “Oh, this is Zac from ‘High School Musical?’ … I love what you do! I’m a huge fan.”

“I lost it,” Efron recalled. “I just started crying. I was a mess.” Sobbing on the phone, Zac said, “Thanks for showing me how to dance, how to believe in myself, how to shine.” The interaction resonated with the King of Pop too. “We were both crying on the phone, and he ended the conversation with ‘Hey Zac… isn’t it awesome?… Dreams really do come true, don’t they.'”


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