The Witcher Season 2 Spoiler & Latest Updates

As a result, most of Ciri’s Season 1 journey has been about little more than running for her life from various (honest, quite legit) threats, and audiences haven’t been able to get to know her as thoroughly as other characters in the series’ world. . And that’s something the show looks determined to change in its second outing.
The Witcher season 2 first teaser trailer - Polygon

“In Season 1, I think from the beginning we see that she has a quirky character, a determined character,” Allan says. “She’s spicy, and [these are] all the qualities I love about her. But in that season she naturally runs through the forest a lot. And I don’t think people have been able to see how interesting her journey is. But in season 2 it did, and I was so excited to take that on.”

According to Hiissrich, Ciri’s arc is in The Witcher’s The second season is kind of a course correction for her character, one that will allow her to take center stage in her own story.

“I have talked about this very openly [before], but I think we did Ciri a bit of a disservice in season one,” Hissrich says. “Not on purpose. But suddenly, when you watch the episodes as a whole, you think she literally runs away a lot. So how can she stand still and fight back in season 2?”

For both Hissrich and Allan, part of the appeal of Ciri’s arc is the way it undermines expectations of what a character like her – a sheltered princess with little life experience outside the castle walls – should be and do in a fantasy world like this one.

“Sometimes when women are presented in fantasy, they are idyllic [types] who get everything right. And I think Ciri is a good example of [the opposite]- from the moment you meet her, she is a victim of her circumstances,” says Hissrich: “Her city is burned down, her whole family dies, she is on the run. We play with and push back against [those tropes]. She’s a princess, but she’s also a teenager. She is not a beacon of purity from the start and, as we see in the first season, she kills a lot of people. Even if it is not necessarily under her control.”


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