The Wilds Season 2 : Reviews and Episode Information


The Wilds Season 2 Reviews: American television series are marking their victory in almost every part of the world. And it is due to the drama they show in their series and also the distribution which is in the hand of such companies that distributed it in every part of the world. If we talk particularly related to those American series that have drama as the mainstream then we have a lot of such series.

Among such series, we have also somewhat renewed and are about to come in a few days with the new season. Among them is going to be a dramatic series called The Wilds which is coming up with its second season. So here are all the details related to The Wilds Season 2.

About the Series

The Wilds is an American series. It is a television series that is full of drama and has all the distribution rights to Amazon Prime Video. The series is created by none other than Sarah Streicher. It is a series of United States that has released its two seasons. It has also released the 18th episode. Talking about the production of this series then Amazon Studio is the one with the ABC signature.

The Wilds Season 2 trailer

The series called The Wilds was released for the first time on 11 December 2020. It had 10 episodes in total. The series soon got renewed and released its second season on 6 May 2022. Talking about the episodes then it will have 8 episodes. The episode title is the number of days. It starts with the title called Day 13 in which the first day has already passed. The name of the last episode is called as Exodus.

The Plot of The Wilds Season 2

Talking about the plot of The Wilds Season 2 then it is related to a group of teenage girls. All these girls belong to different backgrounds and they finally meet on an airplane that crashes down into an ocean.

The Wilds Season 2

Somehow the teenagers were able to survive and further on it marks the story of all the girls. They soon learn about each other. Later on, they got to know that all things are staged and the head of everything was the Dawn Of Eves Program. The series was in flashback and flash-forward where we have seen two men who were said to be FBI agents interview the survivors of a plane crash.

The series has already been released and it is doing very well with the story and that is the reason why people are thinking about the third season. Talking about The Wilds Season 3 then it has some chances for the renewal. The makers have yet not confirmed any such news but the chances are really very high if the second season will do quite a well job.


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