The Wheel Of Time Release Date Details From Episode 4 To Episode 8


The wheel of time is available on Amazon Prime video! The series follows Moiraine, leader of a magical organization called Aes Sedai, as she embarks on a perilous journey around the reborn of the dragon, a magical creature whose prophecy is to change the world. When Moraine meets a close-knit group of friends living in Two Rivers, she decides to take them with her, convinced that one of them is the champion she seeks. The wheel of time follows others Prime Video series with its staggered release schedule.

The Wheel Of Time

This new way of showing shows on streaming services is becoming increasingly popular, but it can be confusing for users who are used to receiving new episodes every week or entire seasons at once. wonder how many episodes of The Wheel of Time season 1 is being broadcast? Look no further… Here’s everything you need to know.

Episode 4 to Episode 8 Release Date: How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 1

The Wheel of Time Season 1 of has eight episodes in total. But don’t worry about the brevity of the season! Each episode lasts 55 minutes in total, which is enough for a dramatic punch full of action and fantasy.

  • Episode 4 Release Date: Nov 26, 2021
  • Episode 5 Release Date: Dec 3, 2021
  • Episode 6 Release Date: Dec 10, 2021
  • Episode 7 Release Date: December 17, 2021
  • Episode 8 Release Date: Dec 24, 2021

Will we see a season 2 of The Wheel of Time?

The Season 2 of The Wheel of Time is on! In fact, it has been launched for quite some time. The series was officially renewed for a second season in May 2021, even before the first season had a trailer. In addition, production of Season 2 is already well advanced as it started in July 2020, even before the first season has a trailer.

Suffice it to say that Amazon clearly has great faith in the series and, along with the prestigious series The Lord of the Rings, it is investing heavily in a much-loved intellectual property to further grow its streaming service. Season 2 was officially announced when shooting for Season 1 was completed. So rest assured, you won’t be left with unresolved cliffhangers after Season 1, the journey has already been confirmed, and Amazon has hit an impressive pace!


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