The Wall: New game show of Vijay TV: Contestants, Details, Episodes, Start Date and Rules


The Wall is an all-new game show which is on the verge of broadcast through Vijay TV. According to sources, the game show is said to be one of the massive game shows of the country. In addition to this, The Wall has heavy inspiration from the American TV game of 2016 that NBC broadcasts.

At first, the American counterpart had Chris Hardwick as its host. However, now Maverick Carter, LeBron James, and Andrew Glassman are the new producers of the series. In 2019, Vijay TV came up with an announcement of coming up with a Tamil language type of The Wall. The Tamil version will premiere soon by the end of 2019.

The Gameplay of The Wall

the wall vijay tv

The Wall comes with a 40ft pegboard which is similar to Plinko board. Moreover, the board is segmented into 15 distinctive slots and these slots carry different prize amounts. There are Drop Zones of seven number which is put in the center of the board. The game also has balls which drop into the play.

The US version of The Wall comprises three distinctive round, it is impossible to say whether the Tamil version will follow the same suit or not. In addition to this, the game comprises of two participants who would play the game. Additionally, there is also a potential top prize amount.

The prize money would increase if green balls drop on the big board. At the same time, the prize money would decrease if the red balls drop on the Plinko board. The prize money of the Tamil version ranges from ₹0 to ₹1 Crore. In the forthcoming days, a lot of details of the game will be revealed.

You can apply for an audition here: The Wall Auditions


  1. How to participate in THE WALL game show in Vijay TV. When will they start audition any one please let me know. I’m eagerly waiting to participate. Sent many mails to many gameshow but I’m not selected for any one of them. Please let me know.

  2. Hai am sindhu from chennai… I want to participate the game show… What is procedure to participate this show… and i eagerly waiting for this show to helps me as soon as possible. Its very useful to me.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi, my sister and me are interested in this game show. Can u publish the procedure so that we would undergo those process to become a contestants.

  4. சுவர் விளையாட்டு நிகழ்ச்சியில் நான் பங்கேற்க விரும்புகிறேன,என் குடும்பத்திற்கு உதவியாக இருக்கும் pls help me

  5. I am very glad to see vijay tv is giving after an american show very proud to have u vijay tv will u pls say me how to participate in this only one game show I would be very happy to enter this show + vijay tv love u so much it would be very nice if u say how to participate with this show.

  6. I am very glad to see vijay tv is giving after an american show very proud to have u vijay tv will u pls say me how to participate in this only one game show I would be very happy to enter this show + vijay tv love u so much it would be very nice if u say how to participate with this show.

  7. I am very intrested to participate to this game.. for my DAUGHTERS EDUCATION.. they are wishing to be DOCTORS FOR SERVICE POORS… villages.. farmers😍

  8. மனிதன் தனித் திறமை வாய்ந்த ஒரு அதிசய பிறவி நம்மால் முடியாத ஒன்று இருக்க போவதில்லை இந்த wall யையும் ஏறி பார்த்திடுவோம் all the very best frds

  9. Hi ths is Jennifer from goa am very much interested in ths game, can u pls tell me how to enroll myself n get into audition , kindly reply

  10. I am Maha I studying in B.E.ECE
    I am interested to participate this program
    How to participate ? I have a well reason for participate this program please kindly reply me

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  12. நானும் விளையாடுவதற்கு ஆர்வமாக உள்ளேன் இந்த வாய்ப்பை எனக்கு கொடுத்தால் நான் மிகவும் சிறப்பாக விளையாடுவேன் விஜய் டிவி இந்த வாய்ப்பை கொடுத்தால் மிகவும் நன்றாக இருக்கும்….

  13. I go to next level college so need money . my name is kalaivani my husband name is baskaran we are more interesting in the wall game show pls call me how to participate in this game

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  16. Respected sir (Vijay tv), i would like to participate in this game and like to win an amount as it Will be very useful for my daughter’s education.

  17. Ian Sangeeta. My husband lost the business. Iam partly disabled. My father’s house is under debt. Give chance to play the game to regain my respect.

  18. Hi sir/madam,
    I really want to participate in this program. How to participate in the game show. I am eagerly waiting please call me sir ph: 9025394911 reason: I want to do something to my lovely brother’s future
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  24. Hi I am NISHA I am from vriddhachalam how can I participated this game I am not marry and I didn’t have boyfriend also and can u plz help me to joind this game

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  26. Hai … already I’m selected for video audition in madurai.but I got fever so I cnt able to attend. Can I participate once again..can u help thru …bzc this amount very useful to my family to out of financial problem

    • Happy evening I am krishnakumar my home town Ariyalur. But now I stayed in coimbatore. I am handicapped. My daughter waiting for marriage. Please give me an opportunity. I am really wishing to participate in this game just for my daughter’s marriage and my financial burdens. I am love marriage against my family so no one’s support. So I will be really grateful to Vijay TV team if I get a chance to play in this game and I have already filled in the application and submitted as well. Looking forward for the best… Thank you…

  27. Hi Vijay TV team
    I am Vinolia Andrews from Cochin, basically from Coimbatore but settled in Cochin. I am really wishing to participate in this game just for my sister’s further treatment as she is diagnosed with breast cancer and also to bring down my one more sister’s burdens down. We are four women running a big family with no one’s support. So I will be really grateful to Vijay TV team if I get a chance to play in this game and I have already filled in the application and submitted as well. Looking forward for the best… Thank you…

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  38. My name is Pavithra. I want to play this game .If u give a chance for me it will be so useful for my graduation so please give me a chance to play this game and please tell me how to apply to participate in this game 🙏🙏

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  52. Hi Vijay TV,

    I don’t want to apply for The Wall Programme. but I would like to help the participant name Vijayaluxmi & Martini. if you have any contact number, please send it to my email address below

    The Wall Programme Date is 19/01/2020


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