The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 3 Has Been Canceled?


The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 3: Has It Been Renewed, Canceled?After tonight’s final on AMC, you can expect The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 3 is going to happen? Or are we actually at the end? There are many things that we need to discuss here.

But first of all, we have to share the bad news: unfortunately nothing more happens after tonight’s series finale. World over was intended from the start to have a clearly defined beginning, middle and end. There was never a clear plan for a season 3. Because both The living Dead and Fear the walking dead having had such long televised broadcasts, we think there was an expectation that every part of this universe would last forever. That is not the case.

Any chance we’ll see parts of this show elsewhere in the franchise? We tend to think that, especially when it comes to all the teasing out there about CRM. We’ve seen them play a role on Fear the walking dead, and there are also some signs that they will have a part in the Rick Grimes movies, when they actually air.

So what else is is going to come down the road for this franchise? One thing to watch out for right now is the Stories from the Walking Dead anthology series, which has been long in the making. We think there’s a good chance we’ll see that sometime in 2022, and there’s a good chance you’ll see interesting, isolated stories everywhere.


In the end, let’s just be thankful that we have the two seasons that we have. Remember: many shows will only air for one season and will be cancelled!


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