The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 Zombie Origin Explained!


The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 is available for steaming Amazon Prime video! After more than a decade of entertaining viewers across 11 seasons, the original series The living Dead is about to end its historic run, with the second half of the final season slated for early 2022. World Beyond’s inaugural 10-episode season kicked off in October 2020, introducing fandom to a whole new corner of the universe. The series revolves around a group of teenagers who have spent their entire childhood in the shadows of the zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2: Ending Explanation, Post-Credit Scene, and Zombie Origin Explained!

The Season 2 of World Beyond came almost exactly a year after its predecessor, fleshing out this new set of characters and their story before coming to a conclusion with episode 10, “The Last Light”. With that, Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is officially over.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 End Explained

At the end of season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, every member of Team Endling found themselves in an interesting situation. Iris and Hope are reunited with their father, and although he lost his arm to a Walker, Elton escapes the clutches of the Civic Republic army. Unfortunately, Silas doesn’t have such a happy ending. He stays behind with Huck and Dennis to detonate the chemical weapons depot. They succeed, but Silas must soon after kill a mortally wounded Dennis to avoid being trapped by the mission.

Before dealing the death blow, Dennis gives him some crucial advice: Play their game, but don’t become one of them. Even if the CRM’s new figurehead, Jadis, sees clearly in his facade, it proposes him to become his “special project”. Close World over the public discovers that Silas is now a full member of the CRM, in the midst of basic training. Time will tell if he sticks to Dennis’s wise words or if the regime he now lives in lets his fragile, healing spirit spoil.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 Post-Credits Scene Explained

Origin of the Zombies

It’s the revelation that fans of The Walking Dead thought they’d never see happen. The scene after credits in front of The Walking Dead: World Beyond set in a science lab that appears to have stepped down for most of the outbreak. One of the facility’s former scientists returns, still working on a cure for the zombie virus, but is accosted by a survivor who smokes a cigarette… shockingly accuses the scientist and her colleagues of being responsible for it. The living Dead epidemic.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 End Explained

The scene after credits scientist says she hopes the remnants of those teams can still end the world’s plight. The man with a gun behind his back replies, “End this?” You started… all teams. Someone has scribbled “The Dead Are Born Here” on the wall in big letters. Before her death, the scientist told her killer, “They weren’t there when it happened…when you did what you did. So while the biologists are accused by the French, the latter are accused by the biologists.


Putting it all together, it proves that The Walking Dead’s zombie infestation was created by the Primrose and Violet teams in this French biomedical center. But perhaps the French group broke into the lab in an attempt to stop the experiments, accidentally releasing a deadly man-made virus into the population, kick-starting The Walking Dead as we know it.

The situation around the world

The scene post credits from season 2 of The World Beyond provides the best insight yet into The Walking Dead’s global landscape. First of all, the French executive proves that Elizabeth was right: the virus has spread all over the world.

The End credits scene from Walking Dead: World Beyond also implies that France is not solely responsible for the zombie apocalypse. When asked where the Primrose team is, the scientist reveals that they were in Toledo, Ohio, “when it happened”. These comments could indicate that the virus was the result of cooperation between different countries.

Faster Zombies

Debunked the beginning of the Zombie virus The living Dead, the World Beyond Season 2 End Credits Scene shows the next evolution of the zombies: faster and smarter. The French survivor shoots team scientist Violet, then quickly leaves with her corpse still sprawled on the desk.

Origin of the Zombies

The zombified scientist gets up and runs straight to the exit door, pounding wildly. Fast zombies have officially arrived The living Dead. The End credits scene from The Walking Dead: World Beyond suggests that these traits are not a natural evolution of the virus, but an accidental mutation caused by the French team’s experiences.

In an effort to stop the virus, the scientists who accidentally created it gave zombies intelligence and the ability to run. While this can’t be linked to the French experiences, as Morgan’s wife was one of those smarter variants, scientists may have permanently activated what made the zombies smart in season 1 of The Walking Dead.


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