The Video Poker Strategy Guide for Beginners

Want to get started with a video poker game but don’t know how to play the game? Here is all you need to know when playing poker on sites like

Do not miss out on bonuses!

The casino is a competitive business. And casinos have smart ways to keep the gamblers hooked to their casino. So, keep an eye out for any promotional offers, discounts, and free stuff.

By claiming these bonuses and offers, you stand a greater chance of winning! You should definitely check the bonuses on video poker. Also, you can ask the live chat if they have anything special for you!

Avoid the kicker!

Many players falsely believe that retaining a kicker might save the day. But this is seldom the case. Keeping a kicker will not boost your chances of winning. Especially, you should stay away from kickers when you are playing Jacks or Better.

Video Poker Pay Tables

Video poker pay tables are charts that tell you how much you win in a particular poker game. Your return to a poker game is dependent on four factors.

First is the card combination in your final hand. The second is the number of coins you have bet on (you can bet a maximum of five coins), the third is the number of coins you receive for each winning hand and the corresponding gambled coins, and the fourth is the denomination of that machine. 

Suppose a video poker paytable shows:

Winning Combination Full House

9 1

18 2

27 3

36 4

45 5

It means that after getting a Full House in your final hand in the game, you will receive 9,18,27,36 and 45 coins for betting 1,2,3,4 and 5 coins, respectively. If that machine’s denomination is $50 per coin, your returns can be calculated by multiplying the cash you have won by 50.

For Example, you bet two coins and get a full house in the final hand. You receive 18 coins, and your returns in real money are $50 x 18= $900. You had bet $50 x 2 = $100. So, your profit is $900-$100= $800.

The payout of 1 coin in this paytable for the winning hand is nine coins.

Types of Pay Tables

 There are several variations of the classic video poker games, and with each variation, there comes the paytable. But all pay tables are based on the following two types:

The Jacks or Better PayTable

The coin payout for one betted coin for a Royal Flush hand is 250 coins in jacks or better paytable. This mathematics is followed till the 4th betted coin in that card combination. This means the coin payouts for betting 2,3 and 4 coins are 2 x250 =500, 3x 250=750 and 4 x 250= 1000 coins respectively. 

The 5th betted coin in a Royal Flush combination follows the one coin = 800 coin rule. If you had bet five coins and got a Royal Flush in your final hand, your coin payout would be 5 x 800= 4000 coins instead of 5 x 250= 1250 coins.

Video poker players refer to this table by a shorthand system consisting of the coin payouts of 1 betted coin of the Full House and Flush card combinations. For Example, if betting one coin gives nine coins in Full House and six coins in Flush, that paytable will be referred to by a prefix of “9/6”. So the game using this table is called “9/6 Jacks or Better.”

This shorthand system is used to refer to all pay tables.

You can get the highest payout percentage from this paytable, 99.54% at 9/6, and the lowest payout percentage is 95% at 6/5.  

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