The Untold Truth Of Kaitlin Bennett


The Untold Truth Of Kaitlin Bennett

Kaitlin Bennett isn’t exactly what you’d call “popular” with large swaths of the internet or college campuses in general, and it turns out that it’s not just political liberals who have beef with Kent State Gun Girl. 

Bennett was once the president of the Kent State University chapter of Turning Point USA, the country’s most famous conservative youth group, started by Charlie Kirk (himself a walking controversy generator). It was in this capacity that she helped put on her second-most talked-about stunt, featuring students parked outside campus buildings dressed in actual diapers to mock “safe spaces.”

After a photo of the demonstration went viral and was roundly mocked, Bennett resigned from Turning Point, saying that she had been hung out to dry by the group’s leadership. “As of right now, I am in disbelief at how I went from being so upbeat, enthusiastic, and passionate about this organization to being disgusted, frustrated, and embarrassed to have invested my entire senior year into an organization founded by a college dropout who hires some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered,” she wrote, via The Independent. Although she may not have the support of Charlie Kirk anymore, it seems that she is doing well.


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