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The Truth About Prince Andrew’s Crisis Talks

The Truth About Prince Andrew's Crisis Talks

According to The Daily Mail, Prince Andrew has been in “crisis talks” with both the royal family and a slew of advisors following Virginia Guiffre’s public civil suit. The Mail reports that insiders are worried about a “lack of communication and cohesion” between Andrew’s legal team in the United Kingdom and his lawyers in the United States. It appears that the prince is sticking to his tried-and-true royal strategy, saying nothing at all. He is trying to keep out of the public eye. As one source said, “It could be very counter-productive to change horses at this stage.”

But royal insiders also say that the so-called “wall of silence” may be backfiring and that by saying nothing at all, Andrew looks even more guilty. As another told The Daily Mail, “The decision not to put out any kind of statement, even just to reiterate his denial of the allegations, has seen his reputation shredded in the court of public opinion.” The various sources say Andrew is now deciding whether to stick with his current U.K. lawyer, whether to put out some kind of statement, and whether to stay in hiding. The second source added, “I think it’s highly likely we could see some movement on the [D]uke’s strategy at least in the next few days.” Whatever does happen, it’s possible we’ll see the final results of those crisis talks in the near future.

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The Truth About Prince Andrew's Crisis Talks
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