The Truth About Lara Spencer And Amy Robach’s Rumored Feud


The Truth About Lara Spencer And Amy Robach's Rumored Feud

Along with squabbling over who has the more important role on “Good Morning America,” it’s also rumored that Amy Robach had a serious bone to pick with Lara Spencer when it came to her professional demeanor. Per Radar Online, Robach was sick of watching Spencer “shamelessly flirt” with the show’s staff and guests. “It’s cringe-worthy, according to Amy, and she hates to see it,” A source revealed that Spencer was acting strangely to the gossip website. 

According to reports, Robach was prepping herself for the worst. “With Michael Strahan about to join the show, Amy is preparing for even more of an ick factor,” According to a source, “Lara is a married woman, and it’s just unprofessional in Amy’s opinion.” As the iconic Taylor Swift once crooned, “Baby, now we got bad blood.”

To make matters worse, there was also whisperings that Robach didn’t feel that Spencer supported her enough during her breast cancer diagnosis. “Lara never came to visit Amy in the hospital, or even called her to see how she was doing,” According to the source. Ouch.


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