The Truth About How Anderson Cooper’s Mother Wanted To Be His Surrogate


The Truth About How Anderson Cooper's Mother Wanted To Be His Surrogate

About a decade ago, Gloria Vanderbilt — who is the heiress of one of America’s oldest wealthy families and died in 2019 — told her son she had something to talk to him about, as Anderson Cooper explained on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Cooper was expecting her to say he was to pay for a redecoration project or something along those lines. But his mother wanted him to tell the truth. Yes, her gynecologist said she could still bear children. 

Vanderbilt stopped Cooper from trying to explain to her embarrassed self that she couldn’t have a child at 85. “She says to me, ‘Honey, I’m not talking about having a child of my own, I mean, that’s crazy,'” He said so. He let out a sigh of relief and then asked her why she was raising it. “She’s like ‘Well, what I was thinking is you get an egg and, you know, fertilize it with your sperm and I’ll carry your child,'” Cooper shared her story with Colbert.

Vanderbilt was famous for her eccentric personality. But, this was not true for her. “I finally said to her, I was like, ‘Mom, I love you, but even for you, that is just bats**t crazy. That is just nuts.’ That is so weirdly oedipal on a whole new level. That kid would be on the cover of The New York Post for the rest of its life,” Cooper laughed.


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