The Truth About Gold Rush’s Rick Ness


The Truth About Gold Rush's Rick Ness

Shockingly, Rick Ness wasn’t planning on becoming a miner since childhood. He was actually a football player in college, but he got injured and had to stop, according to his Discovery GO bio. Rick then channeled his energy into music and became an upright bass player. He started the band .357 Stringband. The band was a huge success, and they released three albums and toured extensively.

The band was enough to put Rick in the spotlight and he met Parker Schnabel, who made it clear that he wanted to work with Rick. Their meetup was totally by chance at the Southeast Alaska State Fair and was clearly serendipitous for both parties.

Sure enough, Rick joined “Gold Rush” in its third season. He started out operating the rock truck, according to TV Over Mind, but Parker saw that Rick had what it took and made him foreman. While Rick has established himself as a fixture on the Discovery show, what’s the story about his personal life?


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