The Truth About Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel


The Truth About Gold Rush's Parker Schnabel

Foregoing college in order to dive straight into mining turned out to be a lucrative endeavor for Parker Schnabel, as Celebrity Net Worth estimates his personal wealth at $8 million. Although Parker has experienced success, and fame from being on “Gold Rush” since the first season, he has avoided the trappings of living a lavish lifestyle. On the heels of a successful mining season in 2017, Parker told Maxim that he planned to spend the money on “buying new equipment to improve our operation.” He explained, “I don’t own a boat or any fancy cars or a fancy house. I have a big expensive sand box instead.” Early on in his career, Parker explained how looking at the gross earnings of his operation could be deceiving. “That’s just because we’ve found a million dollars’ worth of gold doesn’t mean I’m a millionaire, we have a lot of costs,” he told Fox in 2015. “I have probably a lot more debt than the normal 20-year-old.”

Parker will only allow himself to keep a certain type of treasure that is found during excavations. “We’ve found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool,” he told The Maelstrom. Parker said that he could apply to sell the tusks but preferred to keep them.

Continue reading to learn more about Parker, including the beef he grew while filming his spinoff.


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