The True Story Of Transgender Singer And TV Personality


It is a television series that originated from the true story of transgender singer and TV personality Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, she is known by her nickname La Veneno

Veneno (TV Mini Series 2020) - IMDb

Veneno series on:

It was created by Javier Ambrosia and Javier Calvo, Mikel Rueda, Alex Rodrigo. the country of origin is pain and the original language is spanish the number of seasons is one and the number of episodes has also been there and it has been determined that there are 8 episodes in total.

About the production house, the running time is 44 to 65 minutes and production companies risk medium Soma Latina it has been released on the original network of actress Player Premium and the release date was in the year 2020 on October 25th.

How La Veneno's Legacy Lives on in a New HBOMax Series | Time

Background of the Veneno series

In the year 2019 May, it was announced that Jaguar Karlo and Javier Ambrossi, the producers, writer and direct biography series about the Spanish transgender TV personality, will take ownership in the year 2019 November.

The cast was confirmed with Daniela Santiago and Isabel Torres was chosen to play the lead role, Christina of Trees, in the series. The solution was received by John and public the Tank you for choosing the woman to play the transgender room.

And roll filming began on December 16. Inflatable Lake Bridgeville the smallest down in Mon. Production was extended and scheduled for four months later, which was the end of March 2020, India’s shutdown due to a coronavirus pandemic on December 17, 2020. January 25 .

The first teachers were introduced on January 28 and posted on social media. The series was set to be released on premium actress media in the year 2020. The official March release was on February 14

Veneno Series Release Date

After a long wait by fans of the series, the news came about the release date of the series. According to the reports, Veneno has been discovered to be released on March 29 in the year 2020.

Veneno Serie Cast

Jedet plays the role of La Veneno

Daniela Santiago plays the role of La Veneno

Isabel Torres plays the role of La Veneno (older age)

Lola Rodriguez plays the role of Valeria Vegas

Paca La Pirana plays the part of himself

Desiree Rodriguez plays the role of Paca

Marino Teres plays the role of Amparo

Andrea Garcia plays the role of La Zane

Veneno (TV Mini Series 2020) - IMDb

gif series

Veneno episodes

episode 1 episode 1

episode 2 a trip back in time

episode 3 caress me

episode 4 episode 4

episode 5 Christina through the mirror episode 6 episode 6

episode 7 episode 7

episode 8 Veneno no’s 3 funerals

Veneno series Where to watch

According to updates, it has been revealed that the fans are always lurking to find the streaming site of the series. So that they can find the series on that particular site. And for them, they want to watch it for free. The only advantage of an updated streaming site is that the fans can easily get it available there. So, famous streaming sites are always provided to you through the article so that you can find them very easily. Veneno is streaming on HBO Max.

Veneno', the Los Javis series, will premiere on March 29 on Atresplayer

Reviews of the Veneno series

This is the most important part of your opinion. Most importantly, the buas are speechless after seeing this series.

It is so beautifully directed by the problems many of the trans people face in their personal lives the struggle the dreams the eagerness to take over the world this movie is good with your madrama and the cast was very well written.

This series shows everything you want to see, it has the painful but lighthearted tragic as comedy truthful transparent powerful and most importantly it is gloriously written in full.

It was such a great show that it gives a lot of the information, everyone has a different perspective on what the transgender woman is. This was the best and excellent series shown, it is an epic of Masterpiece

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Veneno a true story?

Veneno is based on the true story of transgender icon Christina Ottis, a Spanish transgender TV personality and singer

How many Veneno episodes are there?

Writing about Veneno there are 8 episodes 1 season on HBO Max original series this is the best tv show of the past year.

Is LA Veneno still alive unfortunately lover Nano died in the year 2016 her life was from 1964 to 2016.

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Where can I watch Veneno in Australia?

The updates are that it’s streaming in Australia on ABC and now the best part is that it’s available for free.

Where is Veneno buried?

Veneno was born in the year 1964 on March 19 in Spain and died in the year 2016 on November 9 in the hospital of Spain the cause of death was brain injury after accidental fall the monument was plaque of honor at parquet del Oeste


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Because you are for fans to approach the side and you can also see the Veneno for free episode names and the episode list is also updated to reach more news and stay tuned.

There have been more updates that would be easily available in this article and the recent updates related to this season and seasons to come to stay tuned guys you will be updated soon.


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