The Tragic Demise Of Emergency! Actor Tim Donnelly


The Tragic Demise Of Emergency! Actor Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly came from a family that worked in Hollywood. His father, Paul Donnelly, was an executive at Universal Pictures, and his grandfather on his mother’s side was actor Pat O’Malley, per The Hollywood Reporter. Both Tim and Dennis Donnelly were both interested in careers in the entertainment business. The “Emergency!” actor was even directed by his brother on 18 episodes of the NBC comedy, per IMDb. Tim also teamed up with his brother for another memorable role, as Dennis directed the cult horror film “The Toolbox Murders.”

While working on “Emergency!”, Tim formed a bond with a canine co-worker. Henry the dog was brought on the show, but initially the pooch was trouble on the set and was going to be fired until he started shooting with Tim’s Chet Kelly, per Emergency Fans.

Fans shared condolences online for Tim after the news broke about his passing. “RIP Tim Donnelly … Great actor who showed what being a fireman is all about,” one fan wrote. “I always loved his character of Chet on Emergency! The sparring between Chet and Randolph Mantooth’s Johnny Gage holds up to this day,” another tweeted. Several fans also mentioned Tim’s work on “The Toolbox Murders.” Decades later, it was clear the actor clearly left an impact.


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