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The Tragic Death Of R&B Singer-Songwriter Andrea Martin

The Tragic Death Of R&B Singer-Songwriter Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin had a longtime writing partner named Ivan Matias, who she created several smash hits with. For instance, they both came together and wrote En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go (Love),” SWV’s “You’re the One,” and Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You.” Matias confirmed Martin’s death in his own Instagram post along with a poignant message. “Rest In Paradise Andrea Martin,” he wrote with a photo of him performing with Martin. “We are all special in some way, but Andrea Martin was extraordinarily special.”

Matias wasn’t being exaggerated. Many singers and songwriters have joined together to offer their condolences through Twitter. Monica, who sang “The Boy Is Mine” with Brandy, tweeted, “‘Before You Walk Out Of My Life’ has always had a special place in my heart.. Now it has a deeper meaning for the incredibly talented songwriter. Rest well Andrea Martin. We love you always.” Some fans posted Martin singing the well-known songs she wrote for famous singers, like Leona Lewis’s “Better In Time.”

Martin once told a panel of people at the 2011 ASCAP Expo that the most important part of making music is saying what you mean from the heart. “Sing from the heart. I don’t care if it’s rock, country, or whatever, those are the best records that come from the heart,” She agreed. “It’s okay to go in the booth and just to freestyle.” It is clear Martin’s songs, and his advice, will always be remembered.

The Tragic Death Of R&B Singer-Songwriter Andrea Martin
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