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The Tragic Death Of Batman Actor Jean Hale

The Tragic Death Of Batman Actor Jean Hale

Jean Hale may not have reached the fame her former husband had, but she was well-known enough to have impersonators. Prior to stardom, however, she married Dabney Coleman in New York in 1961, per Deadline. Before divorcing in 1984, they had three children: Quincy, Randy, and Kelly. Just a few years into their marriage, Hale made her film debut with the horror film “Violent Midnight” and then a slew of offers came her way including “In Like Flint” opposite James Coburn. Hale starred in other films like “Taggart,” and “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre with Jason Robards and George Segal. On television, she made appearances on “Perry Mason,” “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,” “The Fugitive” and “Hawaii Five-O,” per New York Post. Memorably, she played Polly — the accomplice of Batman’s nemesis the Mad Hatter — in two episodes of the ABC series starring Adam West. In the mid-80s, her on-screen career began to slow down when she started her own production company. 

Despite nearing 90, Hale never stopped working — in fact, she was in the process of writing a semi-autobiographical script. The Hollywood Reporter says Hale was working on “Being Jeannie,” based on the true story of a woman who impersonated her in the 1960s, married 10 men across Texas and Oklahoma and stole their money. It’s wild right? We are hoping that the script will be continued in her memory and that we see this unique story on screen. 

The Tragic Death Of Batman Actor Jean Hale
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