The Tragic Death Of Anderson Cooper’s Brother


The Tragic Death Of Anderson Cooper's Brother

In 1988, Anderson Cooper’s older brother, Carter, died by suicide, per The New York Times. Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt were left trying to figure out why their beloved brother had decided to end his life.

In a CNN essay in 2018, Cooper revealed that “not a day goes by when I do not find myself thinking about what happened and asking, ‘Why?'” He went on to describe his late brother as “gentle” and deeply sensitive. Although somewhat worried about Carter’s “anxious, distracted” behavior before his death, Cooper was reassured when his brother sought therapy — only to later discover that Carter has been recalcitrant in his sessions, preferring to keep his pain hidden. 

Vanderbilt had her own theories about her son’s death, writing in her 1996 book, “A Mother’s Story,” that she “blamed side effects of the asthma drug salbutamol for the death of her son,” ABC News reported in 2011.


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