The Top Streaming Trends for 2022

Streaming has presented us with a range of entertainment options that can often feel overwhelming. From choosing between Netflix or Disney+ subscriptions to knowing what playlists to access on Spotify, we are in an era where we are spoilt for choice. Yet it is not about to ease up anytime soon.

In the next year, streaming is set to continue developing, taking on models that mix online social interaction with traditional media methods. Below are the top streaming trends to look out for in the coming year.


This has been a big trend with businesses within the Asian markets for some time, but it is set to hit the big time in the western world very soon. It involves streaming events, conferences, or product demonstrations, much like a traditional shopping channel. The aim is to increase engagement, making consumers feel more in touch and attached to the company they are purchasing from.

Part of this can be attributed to the growth in social commerce when social media platforms provide the infrastructure for online retailers to host their shopping experience. From listing their inventory to providing secure checkouts, entire eCommerce experiences can be housed on social media.

Amazon Live is one indicator of how this may go. It suggests we could see the breakdown of separate social and retail platforms, replacing them with giant social marketplaces.


The iGaming industry has experienced exponential growth over the past few years. This is set to increase even further as many US states are now allowing online gambling in their territories. However, the way in which platforms operate is also changing.

Many major casinos previously set up online options to complement their physical locations. Streaming is now being used to reach a balance between both, using actual human dealers to conduct games online. Of course, there’s a plethora of online casinos available on the market and the best way for brands to distinguish themselves from competitors is to shine with rankings and reviews. This is perhaps why online directories, such as that of CasinoSmash’s directory for the best live casinos, are so popular with users looking for interactive gambling as well as quality promotional offers. Essentially, the rules of the games remain the same, but rather than being AI-controlled, play is streamed from live studios, where professional casino dealers handle the action in front of a camera.


The Top Streaming Trends for 2022

The streaming of educational content has been growing in popularity for the past few years, mainly because education in video and digital formats works. It allows learners to rewatch and digest information in their own time, in formats they prefer and understand.

At its basic level, this involves watching pre-recorded content and tutorials. Large sites such as Udemy have been catering to this niche for years, allowing people to educate themselves at their own pace, in their own time. However, it is live streaming in educational establishments that is currently set for a boom.

Key trends include chats and webinars. With the ability to have numerous people join in, a wide range of people from across the globe can contribute. This can be used in everything from primary education level to university.

It also gives educators the chance to create personalized learning experiences for pupils. Once streamed and recorded, further pupils can access them at later dates.

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