The Sweet Tribute Prince Harry Paid To Archie Is Warming Hearts


The Sweet Tribute Prince Harry Paid To Archie Is Warming Hearts

Prince Harry is so proud to be a father that he was photographed holding a briefcase that read, “Archie’s Papa” on it while leaving the United Nations building in New York City, according to Marie Claire. Harry and Meghan Markle met Linda Thomas-Greenfield (the U.S. Ambassador to the UN). Harry is not shy about letting the world know — even in big, important meetings — that someone back home in Montecito adoringly calls him “papa.”

But then again, Harry knows that even at his young age, Archie is watching his each and every move, and that’s why he strives to be the best parent and father figure he can be. During the Diana Award National Youth Summit in 2019, Harry put it this way (via People), “The person who may be sitting here today that doesn’t realize that someone looks up to them, that — for that person — you inspire them to be kinder, better, greater, more successful, more impactful. Perhaps it’s the newfound clarity I have as a father knowing that my son will always be watching what I do, mimicking my behavior, one day maybe even following in my footsteps.” With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Archie’s dad carried around a bunch of photos of his children along with a few drawings in his briefcase, too.


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