The Steady Rise Of OnePlus: Is It Still The Dark Horse Of The Mobile Industry? 

Everybody loves a good David against Goliath story. It is especially true when that story occurs in the billion-dollar smartphone industry. Some of you might not have heard about OnePlus, the Chinese phone brand that manages to disrupt the market with a poetic mantra: “Never settle.”

The Steady Rise Of OnePlus: Is It Still The Dark Horse Of The Mobile Industry? 

Launched in 2013, OnePlus is getting increasingly widespread amongst the segment of phone users looking for capable devices without breaking the budget. Indeed, OnePlus has launched a few smartphones that captivated the public with sharp features and reliable customer service.

Because only some people on this planet are looking for the best and most expensive phone, the OnePlus reputation is growing steadily. People don’t need the latest and flashiest iPhone to accomplish the tasks they use their phones for. OnePlus can offer them a mix between accessibility and sheer perfection. 

It’s growing into a market in which a huge portion of the smartphone audience is consolidating around entertainment use. All signs point to mobile gaming being and becoming a major demand for consumers. Online casinos, for instance, were one of the early pioneers in this space, paving the way for what’s happening in the present – of which they still are a huge part. Consumers would download operators’ apps to play 32Red fruit machine games anytime, anywhere. A similar premise underpins the cloud gaming movement, which seeks to liberate gamers from their ‘weaker’ devices, by having remote servers process the games so that gamers simply stream the game to their phones. This means that different components are in focus: namely, the screen and the 5G/WiFi connection. This is where the OnePlus could shine.

Let’s understand how OnePlus became a serious competitor of the biggest names in the market.

A Division of Oppo

When he started the company in 2013, Pete Lau was no stranger to the smartphone industry because he had been a hardware engineer for Oppo. Oppo is now in the third global position in sales, and the CEO of OnePlus took advantage of his many years in the field to pursue what he wished for: building the best smartphone he and his team could.

Oppo and OnePlus share manufacturing plants and are part of the BBK Electronics group. Some insiders might say that OnePlus is copying Oppo products on a smaller scale, which is a fair comment if you consider that Pete Lau has supervised the two brands over the years.

The first product that OnePlus launched was an “invite-only” release, which didn’t fail to raise some eyebrows in the tech community. According to Pete Lau, he made a move to test the waters. He was later surprised by the hype that their first phone had received.

Ten years later, OnePlus has released dozens of products including smartphones, wireless earbuds and other accessories. Their most popular model is the Nord line, implemented in more than 40 countries worldwide. India is a big market for OnePlus as they appreciate the relatively low-cost products and efficient customer service.

The Constant Search for The Flagship Killer

There are two main subdivisions in the OnePlus line-up, and their most prized “flagship killer” is now the OnePlus 10T, a smartphone whose performances can rivalise with the latest Samsung for nearly half the price. This phone offers a superb camera, a fast-charging battery and a potent GPU.

The Steady Rise Of OnePlus: Is It Still The Dark Horse Of The Mobile Industry? 

According to some tech experts, the Nord Line is so famous that it might soon become another brand. Overall, sales have jumped to more than 350 % in the first quarter of 2021, as tech enthusiasts are increasingly interested in OnePlus products. It gets the brand in the sixth position in terms of sales in the global market.

Instant Charging and Pristine Customer Service

So, what do OnePlus fans love about the brand?

OnePlus is trying to offer powerful smartphones for a lower price while listening to its customer’s suggestions. It is true that their latest software, OxygenOS 11, has been optimized more than 400 times due to customers’ recommendations. The main thing is that OnePlus and its users are building the brand together to provide a better user experience. The brand is also known for its efficient and fast customer service in case of needs.

Furthermore, users report that OnePlus phones are pretty sturdy and don’t require any repairs after more than three years of use. They also praise the instant charging battery that only needs fifteen minutes to last a full day, even with intense video browsing.

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