The Rule Ariana Grande Already Broke On The Voice


The Rule Ariana Grande Already Broke On The Voice

Season 21 of “The Voice” just premiered on September 20, but Ariana Grande wants to win it all. “I’ve been watching ‘The Voice’ for years and I wanted to be a coach. This is my first season and I’d like to think I’m here to win,” she said (via USA Today).

Grande seems to have to learn how to win, such as quickly turning around in her iconic red chairs. “That whipping around will take some getting used to,” She added. She also realized how “cutthroat” the show is after The Girl Named Tom trio chose Kelly Clarkson as their coach. “I need to fight harder. I’m being too nice,” Grande said.

Shelton, her long-time coach, gave her some pointers and she was able to find her stride. Katie Rae chose Grande. Shelton was happy, but was concerned about the speed with which Grande was picking up. “See, being mean gets you somewhere,” Grande responded to Shelton. “She is taking over these Blind Auditions… she’s incredibly sneaky,” He went on. He also noted that he’s “here to win,” so it looks like viewers have a lot to look forward to this season!


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