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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 8 Is Finally Going To Air – Meet Tim Bradford’s Sister Genny.

The Rookie, GennyTomorrow night The Rookie season 4 episode 8 is finally going to air over on ABC; why not meet Tim’s sister Genny now?

The image above is one of the first images released from the upcoming episode entitled “Hit and Run,” and you see Peyton List’s character at the police station alongside her brother Bradford and also Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan. The character will be around for at least a couple of episodes, and with that, we’re going to learn a good bit about their relationship — plus also the relationship between the two and their father (played by Dexter alum James Remar).

For those confused, this is not the Peyton List who appears on Cobra Kai. There are some places out there on the internet getting that wrong. This Peyton List has appeared on The Tomorrow People, The Flash, Gotham, and a number of other shows.

So why is Genny showing up now? She’s trying to convince Bradford to help renovate and sell their father’s place, but there could be a lot of questions and complications that go along with all of this. The truth remains that we don’t know a lot about this family just yet. There are a lot of different things that we still may need to learn before any of this story makes sense at all.

In general, these two episodes coming up are important for better understanding just who Tim Bradford is as a character overall. If you’ve been ‘shipping him alongside Lucy Chen, then you probably want to understand more of what makes him tick. For Chen, as well, seeing more of his family could allow her to feel closer to him down the road.

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What do you think we’re going to see for Bradford and everyone else on The Rookie season 4 episode 8?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to stick around — there are other updates coming and of course, we don’t want you to miss them.

The Rookie Season 4 Episode 8 Is Finally Going To Air - Meet Tim Bradford's Sister Genny.
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