The Resident Season 5 Episode 11 – What is the diagnosis of Dr. bell?


What is the diagnosis of Dr. bell?As we begin to look forward to The Resident Season 5 Episode 11 on Fox in the new year, it’s clear we’ve got a new mystery on our hands. What is the diagnosis of Dr. bell?

The producers have tormented us with cliffhangers before, but the one at the end of tonight’s episode was on a higher level. In it, we saw Conrad come to Bell to say that he thinks he knows what was wrong with him. But just before we all learned the truth, the screen went black. For now, we’re all going to sit still for a while and ponder this mystery.

So where will it go from here? There is no easy way forward for this character; he is so used to helping patients and now he has to let other people help him. Speaking to TVLine, here’s some of what executive producer Andrew Chapman had to say on the subject:

“That will be a central storyline for Bell. How do you deal with your own diagnosis, your own illness and your own ability to be a surgeon, and of a certain age? What are you doing then? It’s a great question and we’re going to dive right in.”


We don’t expect this storyline to emerge in the next installment and that’s about it; there are many different steps that Bell must now take as he manages this disease. To start, one of them is going to talk to Kit about it. He wasn’t willing to do it on tonight’s episode, but she showed a willingness to wait for it to open.


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