The Resident Season 5 Episode 10: What’s In Store For Fans With Fall Finale


The Resident season 5 episode 10 is coming to Fox on Tuesday, December 7, and we can tell you already this is no ordinary episode. This will be the epic fall finale! This is the sort of show that tends to unleash big cliffhangers at any given moment, and we imagine there will be some plot points here that will leave you very anxious for what’s coming up in 2022.

Heck, even the title for this episode in “Unknown Origin” leaves us a little bit curious.

The Resident Season 5

Want to get a few more details as to what will make this episode special? Then we suggest that you check out the full The Resident season 5 episode 10 synopsis below:

When the first day of Kit’s experimental Flight Go team program sends Conrad out into the field, he builds a new relationship with a fellow doctor along for the ride. Devon works with Trevor for the first time on a patient with a mysterious fever, the cause of which can’t be found. Meanwhile, Bell is hiding a secret from the whole staff and they are starting to become suspicious in the all-new “Unknown Origin” fall finale episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Dec. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (RES-510) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)

So what storyline could we see carrying over? Devon and Trevor’s case is a candidate, but we almost wonder if this is tied more to Bell’s secret. Is it something that could cause a lot of complications moving forward? That’s possible, though we’re almost wondering if it’s something a little more positive — or even romantic! We’re absolutely loving the opportunity to explore more of his relationship with Kit, and that’s been a real highlight for the show as of late.

What do you think could be coming on The Resident season 5 fall finale?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, stick around — there are other updates coming and we don’t want you missing them.


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