The Real Reason Sunny Hostin And Ana Navarro Walked Off The View


The Real Reason Sunny Hostin And Ana Navarro Walked Off The View

Joy Behar and Sara Haines had to react quickly after Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro abruptly left “The View” on September 24, and the result was a fun Q&A with the audience.

One fan asked Behar about her favorite guest on the show, and she replied that it was the Obamas. “President Obama and Michelle Obama came on before he was president,” She replied. “We realized how sane and smart they were.” Haines mentioned Hillary Clinton and noted she is “very warm when you meet her.” As for Behar’s most memorable moment after 25 years on the air? “Walking off the set, Bill O’Reilly,” She said. As one person asked about their hidden talents, the audience continued to question her. “I make a great lasagna, [but] everyone knows that,” Behar replied. Haines received some applause after she said that she can walk on her own hands. “I can juggle,” She continued.

When the situation was discussed, a fan asked them what they thought of the sudden walk off. Behar took it in stride, saying, ​​”We’re thinking, you know, there’s an adrenaline rush. I was a stand-up comedian for many years. Sara has been in television for many years. She has a quiz show, you have to be smart to do a quiz show. We’re doing the best we can here.” It’s clear Behar and Haines were true professionals that day.


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