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The Real Reason Mama June And Geno Doak Split

The Real Reason Mama June And Geno Doak Split

TMZ reported that Mama June and Geno Doak’s breakup was completely about sobriety. After leaving rehab, Mama June was committed to staying sober. Geno, apparently not so much. While Mama June abstained from any drugs or alcohol, Geno reportedly wouldn’t stop drinking. Mama June then began seeing somebody else, which hit Geno hard. Sources close to the former couple told TMZ, “Geno felt like June pulled the rug out from under him and took the breakup very hard.” His adverse reaction to the breakup is reportedly what sent him to the hospital in Florida before entering rehab in South Carolina.

According to TMZ, Geno will enter a long-term inpatient program for at least 120 days, with the option to stay up to a year. He had previously been sentenced to 16 months, but failed to comply with the terms of his probation. Geno was supposed to relocate from Florida to Alabama within 30 to 45 days of his sentencing date, but did not do so. A bench warrant for Geno has since been issued in Alabama since he checked into rehab, TMZ noted in a separate report.

The Real Reason Mama June And Geno Doak Split
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