The Real Reason Duane Chapman Decided To Become A Bounty Hunter


The Real Reason Duane Chapman Decided To Become A Bounty Hunter

For eight seasons, fans watched Duane “Dog” Chapman, his family, and other bail bondsmen team up to bring perps to justice. Dog was a bounty hunter, and apprehending criminals was part of his daily work. But the series also showed a different side to the bounty hunter. Frequently, Dog would check to see whether perps had sustained injuries during capture, or encourage them to change their lives for the better. Dog was once on the wrong side, so Dog could sympathize and help criminals on the run.

Per Toronto Star, Dog was involved in a drug deal gone south in the 1970s, which culminated in his friend shooting the dealer. Dog was not involved in the actual shooting but he ended up in prison where he did soul searching. “I did 18 months in prison. When I was in prison, I became the warden’s barber, so that means all the guards were my friends,” the reality star told Fox News in 2007. “One guy went to break and run … and I jumped him and just — the guard[s] were going to shoot him in the back. And as the guard walked up when I was on top of the inmate apprehending him … he said, ‘Hook him up, bounty hunter.'” This moment would change Dog’s entire life.


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