The One Tragedy That Changed Karan Brar Forever


The One Tragedy That Changed Karan Brar Forever

“Jessie” ran from 2011 to 2015, noted IMDb, and Kavan Brar joined the spinoff Disney show “Bunk’d” that premiered in 2015. Skai Jackson and Peyton List also joined the “Bunk’d” cast, but Debby Ryan moved on to other projects. Cameron Boyce was quite busy with Disney’s “Descendants” movies and other projects at the time, but he did pop up a couple of times on “Bunk’d” as well, his IMDb noted. Boyce remained good friends with Brar, Jackson, List, and all of his “Descendants” co-stars, and his sudden death in 2019 left all of them stunned.

Boyce’s death at the age of 20 was caused by an epileptic seizure in July 2019, detailed Insider. He was at his most happy and fulfilled time. He was sharing a place with Brar and his fellow “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” co-star Sophie Reynolds, and as Metro noted, the three had moved in together just a couple of months before Boyce’s death. The trio shared fun updates about their lives together, but then everything changed.

“I think losing Cameron shifted everything in my life on its axis, and that was incredibly destabilizing,” Brar told Jennette McCurdy in an episode of her “Empty Inside” podcast.


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