The One Tragedy That Changed Dave Bautista Forever


The One Tragedy That Changed Dave Bautista Forever

Despite his imposing frame, Dave Bautista did not earn his menacing looks without a few battle scars. Bautista’s upbringing was turbulent, with economic hardship and a lot of violence. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, it was revealed Bautista grew up amidst the crime wave that swept Washington D.C. in the 1980s. Bautista was a child when he witnessed his mom being attacked, as well as a man getting beat up.

These incidents were all traumatic, but there was one thing that really stands out in Bautista’s frightening childhood. One afternoon as Bautista, his sister, and a number of kids were blissfully playing outside, mother, Donna Raye, noticed something incredibly off — a dead body was lying outside their home. Police had been summoned to the scene after the shooting death of an unnamed male, but they were unable to reach them in time. Bautista, Bautista’s sister and the children of the neighborhood had become so accustomed to the death that they didn’t seem to notice the body during playtime.

Donna Raye saw this and decided to move her children to San Francisco for a better life. Although imminent death wasn’t an issue anymore, there were still concerns in the Bautista household.


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